3 thoughts on “PDF Podcast Episode 17”

  1. Hey guys. While I enjoy your podcasts, that’s not the reason I’m writing. (Apologies in advance for bothering you, but I didn’t think to save the admin’s e-mail addresses).

    I’ve been trying to figure out what happened to the PDF Screenplays forum? Or, at least what happened for me. I’d been a reader and semi-regular poster for some time, although I never had a script worth sharing before someone beat me to it. Trouble is, my iMac died on me (they do that. be careful.) Now I’ve got a new one but can’t get onto the site anymore, either because:

    a) I forgot my password, b) my membership was discontinued for some reason or C) the site has closed up shop.

    I was wondering could either of you shed some light on the situation? Or point me to an admin?

    As an avid reader (and it goes without saying would-be-writer), I enjoyed the forum’s spoils and would like to continue to do so. Moreover I enjoyed chatting with folks having more insider knowledge than me. Case in point – I read recently that Justin Haythe has been assigned to Disney’s Lone Ranger and wondered if Rossio and Elliott flew the coop over differences, or what the story was there. I read their draft of the Lone Ranger, and though somewhat flawed, it was enjoyable — mostly for their take on Depp’s Tonto character. I for one hated the main villain.

    Please let me know if you have any info to help me out. And thanks.


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