3 thoughts on “PDF Podcast Episode 01”

  1. Intro/outro music by Moving Mountains.
    Please give us some feedback. We are not pros here and we know the audio is a little iffy at times but we think we have it all figured out now for the next episode. Now let us know what we did wrong and everything, tell us what you want to hear on the next episodes and give us some strong critique.

    Here’s what we know we missed:
    Brothers Bloom opens up against Pixar’s “Up” not Night at the Museum 2 which doesn’t matter, either way it will get destroyed.
    Fuckbuddies was 6th on the 2008 Black List not 3rd or 4th like stated.
    We were not dissing 30 Rock just so Tina Fey would call us out at the next Emmy Awards.
    When we recorded this “A Couple of Dicks” hadn’t had the title change to “A Couple of Cops”.

  2. This was really great guys, the going off in different directions made it sound natural and I enjoyed every second, especially the Brett Ratner beat down. Man I hate that guy.

  3. I enjoyed it. I usually listen to the Creative Screenwriting podcasts, they are generally good. I’m not sure what kind of feedback you want, but hearing people talk about scripts I’ve read is always nice. I was kind of a fan of the IB script, but after I saw the trailer, I’m not as excited.

    You guys had a good buddy/buddy back and forth, so keep it up!

    Brothers Bloom was one of my favorite scripts and I had a ticket to see it at the AFI Fest, but I got stuck working late. Great review, great script. It’s killing me that they pushed this movie back. Great script.

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